+ he’s so stubborn😀

Hey everyone!!!

Hope you are all doing well! 

Today, was my dermatologist appointment. I want to share with you guys a little bit about my skin journey. At age 14, that is when I started getting pimples and it was pretty bad! Mostly on my foreheads and around my chin. Another thing too, I was sooooo oily and I was not allowed to wear make up.(mom said so) I end up seeing manyyyy dermatologist, but as a kid, I didn’t follow Doctor instruction much so yea pimple we’re going away then it came back. I remember taking pills, tropical cream and used Cetaphil / Spectro gel cleanser Eventually, after highschool my skin cleared up and honestly it was amazing how improved my skin was! Then, a year ago I went to some salon/ barber to get my eyebrows thread and the girl there was like “ohhhhh want to get the full face thread also for half price ??? ” as sooooon as she start threading she stopped and said “actually I will wax instead” tbh, I was so relax I didn’t even care what she was doing and after she was done.. My face was bit red but nothing serious. Around nighttime BAMMMMMM bunch of little bastard on my faceπŸ€— 

 Not cooollll at all! I went to doctor and again they prescribed more antibiotics and cleanser it helped the scars but I still break out! Just recently I decided to go back and get something else!  

Night cleanser     Moisturizer  Day cleanserTropical gel only use at night!

This is my new skincare routine! Doctor wants me too keep this routine for now! Until skin gets better than I can go back to using clarisonic and other skin care productsπŸ˜’

Okkiii there you have it guys my skin rant haha! 

Let’s see how this goes πŸ˜ͺ

Oh Doctor said 1st and 2nd week skin is going to be crazy for bit because the gel suppose to clear everything out. So even if you don’t see a pimple it’s prob under the skin somewhere then eventually just grow πŸ˜’ not too sure how to say it but something like gets worst before it gets better. 

Well takeeee care guys, sleepy now 😩




+ Start making these for a living πŸ˜’

Hey everyone !!!

This is not beauty related, but it’s beautiful 😍😍😍 I decided to make something for a special occasion! 😬😬😬

Okkaayy so you’re probably wondering what is this lol I will show you:

      Yessss haha

RAVE BRA haha!! I went to go see Armin van buuren for ASOT750 and I decided to make my own outfit! TadAaaa!

Everything I bought was from Michael store and sport bra was just something old I had! Honestly after the rave everything was still in tack! I was reallyyyyy happy with the results and hopefully I can make more times to make more of them! Digital dream/ VELDDDD they are just around the corner 😏😏

 Okayyy guys end of my post, hope ya like it πŸ˜„ let me know what you guys think of it πŸ€—



+ Only wearing MAC πŸ˜

Yayyyy my first make up post! I decided to do a look by just using MAC products! I started to get into make up only after highschool. My mom didn’t want me to be distracted so I barely wear any until later.   

βž• FACE;

I used the matte as my primer then with a beauty blender I put foundation all over my face. Under the eyes and top of my nose bridge, I used NC30 concealer. The NC42 I just use it to clean up my brows. To contour my face I used sculpt and shape powder and only used the dark Color. To highlight I used the Mineralize Skinfinish just over my cheekbones and between the inner corner of my eyes and above my brow bones. Oh and bit on top of my nose bridge too! The blush I used is called optimistic orange but only use a light hand over the cheek as color is super pigmented. Finish it off with fix +

 MAC Matte β€’ MAC Prolongwear nourishing waterproof foundation β€’ MAC Prolongwear concealer in NC30/ NC42 β€’ MAC Sculpt and shape powder Lightsweep Shadester β€’ MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Triple Fusion β€’ MAC Cremeblend blush Optimistic Orange β€’ MAC Prep Prime Fix +

βž• EYES

I put bit of the NC30 concealer over the lid as an eyeshadow primer. I put brown script all over my lid, blending it a bit higher over the crease. Then go over the outer corner and bit over the crease with smut. For my waterline I used Dipdown and smudge charcoal brown underneath it. Also, used Dipdown as an eyeliner!  Mascara zoom lash and applied falsies #35. Brows I just used charcoal brown and just fill it in, then used NC42 to clean around the brows.

  MAC Eyeshadows Brown Script/ Smut/ Charcoal Brown β€’MAC Fluidline Dipdown β€’ MAC Zoom Lash Zoomblack β€’ MAC False lashes #35


I applied the lipstick with a lip liner brush and I just dab a bit of lipglass in the centre of my lips and pat with a tissue over so it’s not tooooo shiny 😜

 MAC Lipstick Antique Velvet β€’ MAC Lipglass Explicit

When I bought the  lipstick antique velvet I thought it would be more on the brown side! It turned out more of a deep purple πŸ™„I guess my lip pigment changed it around.. Who knows.

   Yipppyyy all done! Well I hope you guys like this post! πŸ€“ I also would like to apologize for my grammar! English is NOT my first language. The way I talk is the way I write πŸ™„ I know, but heyyy if you get it leave me a comment haha 
Okayyy toodless everyone and for those who are following me.. Thank you guys!!!! 😘



+ Been a month…

Hellllooooo πŸ™‚

Okay, so it’s 4A.M right now and I just got off work pretty much, decided to blog.

Oh, I didn’t get to tell you guys much about what I do. Monday – Friday I work for DHL EXPRESS CANADA. Yes, that’s right one of their international specialist. Friday and Saturday night I work at a poolhall (BILLARDS) . I was also a former employee to SEPHORA. 3 jobs I know brutalπŸ™„

Anywhoooooo, got carried away! This post is regarding my nails!!!! 

 *Edit: it now 10A.M I fell asleep didn’t realize I actually uploaded this post 😦😦😦

Okay back to the nails. So I designed this few days before #arminvanbuuren concert. ASOT750!!! Yes, I rave hahaha!! This is using CND Color Shellac in Clearly pink. Then, I added some glitter nail polish from ORLY called Halo.

After everything was done. This is where the fun part start! I end up adding gemstones, pearls, flowers and etc. Normally, when I don’t have long nails (breaks) I tend to paint my nails black or clear with bit of glitters and cute stuff on it. Alright, so here is the final look ! Be prepare for picture overload 😜😜 

I had to add that last photo because girls tend to like taking pictures while holding something just to show off their nails…OR to show off the product! Loolll πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— btw. I love this loose powder from C H A N E L πŸ‘Œ

Well this is coming to the end of my post, I had these nails for about a month now! BUT I WILL SHARE WITH you guys how I kept it for a month. 

  1. Shellac the shit out of your nails. 😏
  2. Use Le Page Super Glue; Ultra Gel control to apply any cute things on your nails (only if doing 3D)
  3. Don’t be to rough with them, for next few days until glue has completely dry the snApppp out. Normally takes 24/48 hours to dry but still. Be gentle.
  4. Show it offfff, rock that! 😘

Okkkiiii so that’s it! I took off everything few nights ago!  I’m going re-do my nails, later today!

Will keep ya posted πŸ™„



+ Freshly coloured on VDAY

Hiii everyone 😬

Hope all is well!!!

I decided that this is going to be my first post. First of all I want to say a biggggg thank you to my girl Lucky for blessing me with this Color! 

I freaking love it! Honestly, not many colourist do it the way I want it to be done πŸ˜ͺ this is what it looks like using indoor lighting. 

Throughout my post you will be able to see more pictures of the hair in all types of light. I’m never going back to black πŸ™„ these are the toners she used on me .  

I seriously put this for a reason….. So I don’t forget what she used haha! πŸ€— well it’s 2am I’ll probably add more if I need to but I just wanted to share with you guys my forever hair ColorπŸ˜—

Love you long time bubuuu 😘😘😘